Bye bye, Baden, I’m back in Houston to help my mother recover from her stroke. I should be cleaning out the closets and you should too! What are you doing sitting here reading this?
I have found many old pictures containing proof of my raggamuffin image, little hippy child. How could my parents have dressed me that stuff? Oh well, it was the 70s. How could I have dressed myself the way I did in the 80s? Just maintaining that self-torture my parents instilled in me.
For some reason last night I wanted to get out of bed and start writing a blog entry entitled “croutons” which makes no sense whatsoever. I think it’s just the meaningless word of the moment.
I have to go now. I must clean!
Note from the future:
Although this appears to be the first post at macbebekin, it is only the first once the new domain was set up. I was writing before this at scattergirl, but didn’t manage to save any entries.

Another note, from the even-farther future:
Readers from Chocolate & Zucchini, system updates have tangled up the linkage. Here’s the Is My Blog Burning: Tartine post you intended to click.