Paper Street

I’m supposed to be working on a paper right now. I would dearly love to blame my procrastination on the blog (and therefore on you, gentle reader), but that dog won’t hunt. I have only myself to blame.

I’m finding evidence to support the argument that the Renaissance shift in representation of the Christ Child was an indirect result of the establishment of foundling homes. With alternatives to infanticide and a concentration of infant morbidity and mortality in institutional, not domestic, settings, mainstream society could have experienced a dramatic increase in transfer of affect to the infants remaining at home, increasing adult identification of infants as human and encouraging Renaissance artists to adopt the Greco-Roman image of God-as-baby, complete with chubby cheeks and gentle demeanor.

This being my field of study, it is really impossible to claim that watching “Fight Club” this morning (instead of getting to the library by 8 a.m. as planned) was research.
Now you know I’m me and not Elli; she couldn’t make up this nonsense.

2 thoughts on “Paper Street

  1. Well, maybe I could make it up, but I couldn’t get anyone to believe it especially since my research skills… Nah, I couldn’t make it up. Yay, you wrote! I’m not a total liar.
    Funny that you watched “Fight Club” today. Did you know that my once-step-father, Mike, is in it? Now you’ll have to watch again, eh?

  2. Watching “Fight Club” yesterday isn’t the funny thing; the funny thing is that I had watched it twice the day before. “Funny”? That’s not the word…
    Oh, the word I’m looking for (as are you by now, I’m sure) is “scary.”

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