Cruel shoes

I bought new shoes almost two weeks ago, and can’t bring myself to wear them. Buying shoes has become so staggeringly rare a treat, thanks to the classic student budget, that the mere fact of them has made me sick with joy… but still I can’t bear to take them out of the box.

Poor shoes. It’s so unfair.

1 thought on “Cruel shoes

  1. That makes me think of my red, shiny, fake-alligator loafers. They live in the bottom of the closet and glare enviously at the Bass penny loafers (red of course) bought just a month later and worn so much more… But they all swoon with admiration for the aged red Docs (which are glorified in the blog’s side bar.)
    I buy shoes so rarely anymore but the last two happened to be red. Enh, so what. You, making me sit here and think about shoes when I should be working! Yes, no, it’s not my fault!

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