I am resolute

Happy New Year, and thanks to Elli and J-M for getting the blog up and running again!

I’m sitting in my toasty little bedroom, listening to the wind outside rise from a low moan to a keening howl, again and again. The local weather forecast warns of “dangerous lows” for the next few days. Brrrr. My thoughtful Mom called this morning to ask if I had any errands; she wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t be out at the bus stop, getting frostbite. How sweet — I did have errands, and was dreading the prospect.

Before Mom and I went to the library, the post office, and the grocery, Dad took us out for lunch. M & D had sandwiches; I ordered coffee and chocolate mousse. Oh, hush. It’s important to know what you want in life, and what I want is chocolate. The mousse was 86ed, so our server brought me chocolate decadence — in this case, a slab of pure ganache or possibly fancy fudge, topped with almonds. Yum. Fudge with French fries (filched from M & D’s surplus) turns out to be a nice lunch, once a year.

I have to admit that this lunch doesn’t conform perfectly to my New Year’s resolution, which is to eat more éclairs. (I do like a cheery goal.)