Note to myself

Dear Asleep Me,

It is with your best interests at heart that I urge you to stop smothering the alarm clock in your pillows, then lying down on top of the resulting mound for a snooze. Not only does this make you late and hurried, but it deprives us both of precious minutes of rest when bedtime comes and we can’t find the alarm clock in the bedding.

Lots of love — Wide-awake and Hyper-caffeinated Me

Hurray! I made it to class on time, despite a series of missed connections, a misprint on the shuttle schedule, and an unexpectedly closed Metro office. It turns out that I CAN run up four flights of stairs first thing in the morning — good to know.

I can also do the reading for my morning class while flossing and making coffee (sequentially, not concurrently). Wow. The things you learn in college.