I (heart) blather!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Although I do not usually celebrate saints’ days (saint’s days?), I am more than willing to give the props to St. Valentine, who subverted the dominant paradigm with a fervor no mere bumper sticker philosophy could spur. Well, I guess all of the saints did that, or they wouldn’t have been martyred. Huh. I may have to rethink my casual dismissal of Catholic saints. Please excuse me for a bit, while I do some extremely slack research.

Well, whip me with goat hide and burn me in effigy, I had no idea. Also, did you know that most of the Catholic saints were not martyrs?

Where was I? Oh, yes, but before we resume, let’s hear it for syncretism! Putting the egg in your basket, the tree in your living room, and the inexplicable in the everyday! I am on the lookout for currently evolving examples of modern syncretism and inexplicable ritual, like this. If you think of any, please let me know.

At any rate, I wish you and yours a happy St. Valentine’s Day. Although there are some who despise it as a Hallmark holiday and others who find it an occasion for miserable life-evaluation, I herald it as another, even better excuse for eating sweets. Yum.

2 thoughts on “I (heart) blather!

  1. i hope you had a grand sweet eating weekend. of course, do we really need a holiday as an excuse to partake in yummy snacks? well, ok, it would be nice if there was a holiday devoted to yummy snacks. say, tasty snack weekend, for instance. or bon-bon appreciateion day. or baked goods bonanza thursday? i’d better get to work on this…

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