Mac & Cheez on a stick (not my new hip hop name)

Reading Mimi Smartypants on the subject of Hot Pockets made me think of my own unhealthy interest in convenience foods: IncrEdible. (This site has a photo of the whole array of flavors coming right at you but I give this site bonus points for having trapped vermin as its logo.)

The IncrEdible™ is a paper tube with a polypropylene (“or similar resin’) stick which the consumer pushes to extrude scrambled egg (or scrambled egg with cheese, or scrambled egg with bacon) or macaroni and cheese (or macaroni and cheese with bacon or macaroni and cheese with broccoli) out the top of the tube for all the delights of one-handed eating. IncrEdibles™ have been test-marketed in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. at gas stations and convenience stores. As the first link mentions, one advantage to such a heavily packaged food is the relative lack of health code restrictions on the sanitary conditions in which it can be prepared and sold. Yum!

I first read of IncrEdibles™ several years ago while researching a paper on foodways as an expression of the American concept of the individual. As often happens when I am gripped by a thesis, I saw these as having Dire Implications for Society. In this case, I am not sure I was wrong.


One thought on “Mac & Cheez on a stick (not my new hip hop name)

  1. Oh my gosh! I saw these at the grocery store several years and COULD NOT believe anyone involved in the food business thought this was a good enough idea to give it a go! If I had seen anyone actually buy it, I think an intervention might have been warranted. As if premade scrambled egg wasn’t nasty enough …

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