The wearing o’ the black and blue

Where you live, do St. Patrick’s celebrants engage in the pinching? Do you know about the pinching?

In some places, if you are found on St. Patrick’s Day not participating in the wearing the green, you will be pinched, not once but many times — as many times as there are green-clad observers to catch you, all day long.

I learned this to my chagrin in second grade, when we moved from New England (where I have never suffered this particular indignity) to Texas (where it runs quite rampant). Even then, I thought the practice mean-spirited and hegemonic. And I told my wee elementary school classmates that, crying defiantly, “You cannot impose your hegemony on me!” Small wonder they pinched me.

1 thought on “The wearing o’ the black and blue

  1. Dear Elsa,
    On behalf of all 30-something Texans of Irish descent I apologize for the pinching. Thanks to you I was able to break the cycle of abuse and have shunned such barbarianism since the late ’70s (although I still wore green out of fear because why give them one more reason to pick on me, you know?)
    Humbly yours,
    Elli Mackinninykins

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