Amazing true fact: knives are sharp!

For several years, I have been thinking about buying a new chef’s knife, and for just as long, I have been putting it off, unable to conquer my creeping miserliness. After all, I have a perfectly good knife at home that cuts just fine if I hold it at the exactly right angle and move the blade along the food until I find the slightly sharp bit. Although I have a nice whetstone, I am a bit tired of using it every night to coax a bite back onto the blade.

Today, confronted with a chef’s knife and two paring knives packaged as a ridiculously cheap set, my parsimony and my desire for sharp sharp sharp things met. I bought them, then I spent the afternoon anxious to get home so I could set to cutti on some things.

Moments ago, I supremed a grapefruit and orange, just because I can, and found myself laughing in astonishment at the knife cutting effortlessly through the citrus skin, like a — well, like a sharp blade through citrus skin.

It only now occurs to me that my cheeseparing insistence on using my sorry old knife has probably cost more in Band-Aids than this new knife set cost.