This weekend I am joining a younger friend for (undisclosed meal) at the (business establishment) where The Cute Boy works. She was cheerfully abashed about admitting the existence of such a Boy, and her susceptibility to his Cuteness. Of course, I suffer from no such susceptibility, because I am a mature person.

Today I got my weekly Big Stack Books from interlibrary loan, and on top was a book by a staggeringly cute guy I met recently. (Hell no, I’m not linking it.) A glowing review of the text suggested to me that I would find it valuable, and the author’s eyes are so bright and smile so warm credentials are impeccable. The book is proving to be comprehensive, well written, and very useful. Is it appropriate for me to be so shamefaced that my original motives were not entirely intellectual? Yes. Yes, it is.

Is this creepier or less creepy than Google-stalking? I have lost all frame of reference.