The art of fostering brand loyalty

I made it to the library spring sale today, so I am happily glutted with books, including a 1930 edition of a cookbook published (I discovered on close inspection) by Procter and Gamble, with the unstated purpose of teaching women everywhere about the virtues of Crisco.

If I were publishing a book ostensibly for instructing in The Art of Cooking and Serving but actually intended to instill in homemakers a preference for a particular brand of shelf-stable fat, I might be a shade cannier about it. For example, I might not make Crisco the first or even second ingredient listed in each recipe, including chocolate souffle and shrimp Newburg.

On the other hand, Crisco is the logical first ingredient in Crisco Sandwich Spread, a blend of Crisco, raw egg yolk, mustard, paprika, vinegar, cayenne, and Worcestershire sauce, which the author assures us “will keep indefinitely” [emphasis in original]. Two great phrases that taste great together: raw egg yolk and keeps indefinitely. And what could a child like more than a sandwich of equal parts peanut butter and spicy, eggy Crisco Sandwich Spread?