Cold comfort

The ladies at the bus stop were having such a marvelous time that I couldn’t begrudge them their pleasure:

“Is she, is she, are those open-toed shoes? Why, her toes must be freezing!”
“Oh, freezing.
“Ooooh, look at that one, she ought to wrap that baby up. He must be freezing!”
“Oh, he must be freezing.”
“Oh, freezing.
“Mmm, and today it’s difficult to bring yourself to venture up to them and tell them different — ‘Oh, dear, don’t you think you should…?’ Why, I used to love it when I had little ones and someone would tell me how to do it. And, you know, it’s sort of a, what, an old wives’ tale, but it’s true: don’t you ever take your baby out of doors after sunset.”

Moments later, one of them told me to put on a sweater.

They were so happy.