Poor little blog

Last night, I was showing my friend J. the wonders of the web, including the modest glory that is macbebekin. I clicked the link to Chocolate & Zucchini, we marveled at Clotilde’s eloquence and charm (and in her non-native language, yet!), then I reloaded macbebekin, only to find it blank: title, links, and archives were all up, but the entries we had seen only minutes before were gone.

J. is not a computer user, so this experience reinforced any skittishness she feels about the mysteries of tech. She looked quite stricken, and I plastered on a calm smile while a cold twist of doubt climbed my ribs. Elli, I broke the blog. Do you still love me?

I checked MTs troubleshooting guide, secretly hoping to find a big, brightly colored BLOG ON/BLOG OFF button. After several minutes of head-scratching (and no button), I realized that it had been two weeks since we posted an entry, and the MT program/template/magic elves had probably chosen last night to move the old entries to archives.

I’m sorry, little blog, to have left you alone so long.