Cooking the books

My mother has long been after me to give her a list of the cookbooks I own, hoping to avoid giving me duplicates. Now, a mere five or six years after she asked me to perform this simple and self-serving task, I present the list.

Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, 1948 edition.
Black, Maggie. Food and Cooking in 19th c. Britain.
Bracken, Peg.The Compleat I Hate To Cook Book. I may very well have stolen this from Mom, and perhaps shd like it back!
Bracken, Peg. Appendix to The I Hate To Cook Book.
Brillat-Savarin, J. A. The Physiology of Taste
Brown, Alton. m Just Here For the Food.
California Culinary Academy. Chinese Cooking at the Academy.
Chesman, Andrea. Salsas!
Child, Julia. Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. I and
Vol. II. (with Beck & Bertholle.)
Child, Julia. The French Chef Cookbook.
Child, Julia. From Julia Chils Kitchen.
Child, Julia. Julia Chils Menu Cookbook. (Previously published as Julia Child & Company and Julia Child & More Company.)
Colwin, Laurie. Home Cooking.
Colwin, Laurie. More Home Cooking.
Ewald, Ellen B. Recipes for a Small Planet.
he Fannie Farmer Cookbook, 1965 and 1990, and The Boston Cooking School Cookbook, 1932.
Fernandez, Rafi. Taste of India.
Fisher, M.F.K.The Art of Eating. (Comprises Serve It Forth; Consider the Oyster; How To Cook a Wolf; The Gastronomical Me; An Alphabet for Gourmets.)
Fisher, M.F.K. With Bold Fork and Knife.
Fisher, M.F.K. How To Cook A Wolf (paperback). I love having the paperback; I used to bring out the immense Art of Eating every time I made gingerbread.
Good Housekeeping Cookbook, 1927 and 1930 editions.
Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook.
Hackforth Jones, Jocelyn. Dining with the Impressionists.
Hazan, Marcella. The Classic Italian Cookbook.
Kafka, Barbara. Microwave Gourmet.
Konstantinides, Sofi. Sofs Aegean Cookbook.
Lappe, Francis Moore. Diet for a Small Planet.
Lemlin, Jeanne. Quick Vegetarian Pleasures.
The Moosewood Collective. Sundays at the Moosewood Restaurant.
Pearl, Anita Mae. Completely Cheese.
Pool, Daniel. What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew.

Portland Museum Of Art. The Maine Collection.
Reisman, Rose.Sensationally Light Pastas and Grains.
Roden, Claudia. Invitation to Mediterranean Cooking.
Roden, Claudia.The Book of Jewish Food.
Rogers, Ann. The New Cookbook for Poor Poets.
Rosenblum, Mort. Olives.
Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation.
Shiva, Vandana. Stolen Harvest.
Sokolov, Raymond. Why We Eat What We Eat.
Thomas, Anna. The Vegetarian Epicure,Vol I and II.
Visser, Margaret. The Rituals of Dinner.
Walden, Hilare. The Book of Thai Cooking.
I also have a pair of old, sadly decrepit books without covers or flyleaves. I believe they are the original Monticello cookbook and the Tollhouse cookbook.