“The Germans have a word for it”

This morning I stumbled out of my bedroom and received the briefest of shocks: my living room furniture had been entirely rearranged. Of course, I had done it myself the previous evening, but in the blurry mental light of morning, I had forgotten.
The sensation of being momentarily surprised by something you already know — this is not quite jamais vu. I am sure someone has a name for it — if not the Germans, then the cognitive studies crowd. To me, it feels like my head has just been given a gentle tap that resonates at a high pitch, like silver sugar tongs scarcely touching the side of a silver sugar bowl.
Whatever it is called, I experienced it again as I was having my coffee, when I clicked into Macbebekin and saw the new styles. I knew it was afoot, and still it is an utterly unexpected delight, as if the blog fairies had slipped in and worked through the night. Thanks, Elli!


One thought on ““The Germans have a word for it”

  1. Ha! Well at least some delight can be had. I’m throwing in the towel for tonight. I went to bed for half an hour, then came back because it was bothering me so much: the alignment, the contrasting colors, eeeewwwww. There’s so much to do and no time to figure it out this week.
    The up side is that it will bug me so much I’ll finally get around to the redesign before the end of the year!

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