As I sit here watching the tail end of the DNC coverage, I am feeling a special thrill. This is the year Elli and I have been waiting for. In mere weeks, we will both be old enough to run for President of the United States. My birthday is first, giving me a two week lead on her. That could make all the difference at the polls. Eat my electoral dust, Elli!

5 thoughts on “POTUS

  1. Ah, Ladygoat, we are no mere striplings, no mere slips of girls. As of this summer, Elli and I are old enough to BE The POTUS! But I’ll take that as a compliment to my skin-care regiment (about which more later).

  2. Holy crap! I’ve got to start building up that slushy fund. I do love a good Slurpee or margarita on the campaign trail.

  3. Mmm, slush fund. The debates are going to be entertaining. After three margaritas grande, I’ll have to stop trying to pronounce “constituency” and switch to “y’all.”

  4. I count on upholding my record of having never won a debate and hope you nominate me for vice-whatever* because of my good looks and organizational skills. Okay, maybe just my magnificent margarita making ability.
    *Are we shooting straight for presidency and bypassing all the kinder-poly jobs?

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