My little neighborhood

Oh, sweet internet, hold me closer.

I missed you.

Several days ago, I knocked my laptop off the table, leaving it dangling by its mangled adaptor cord while I keened “Ohnoohnoohnoohno” and a random assortment of sounds usually confined to H.P. Lovecraft stories. Of course, ordering a replacement is a simple matter… although less simple if one’s access to online ordering has just been destroyed.

Now that my new adaptor has arrived and I’m reconnected to my usual web haunts, I am curiously aware of how constrained I felt when denied that access. No library catalog? No email? No Dooce or Mimi Smartypants? Indeed, I had to disrupt my schedule and spend several hours one day in the university computer lab to check my email, write several internet-deprivation addled emails in response, do some writing, some research, and generally catch my breath online. Simply being here in this nowhere that is my online neighborhood, I feel like I’m taking a deep breath after a cooling rainfall. It’s good to be back.