Family happiness

I recently returned from a family vacation in [insert idyllic town name here], Maine. It was, well, idyllic.

My mother rented a summer house for a week, and I stayed there with my parents, my sister N, brother-in-law J., and their small children. Sister C. and her family were at their home an hour away, and brother B., who lives in Idyllic Town, obligingly provided a party on Saturday night by getting married. Very thoughtful, that, especially since the gal he married is aces! If I had met T. under other circumstances, I would have been looking for an excuse to get to know her better; how convenient to have that excuse take the form of a legal and social contract.

So much to blog, so little coherence. Expect bursts of delight and confusion over the next few days as I recount the endless joys of family togetherness, rocky beaches, little nephews and nieces, and missing PortaPotties. The only sore spot is that brother J. and his fiance M. were unable to make it over from Slovenia for the week (which included his birthday). We missed you!