Dentist makes impression

JM and I have a nice but odd new dentist since our old one retired last year. We met her earlier this summer for our yearly cleaning and I just had a second impression this morning when I went for a filling. That impression would be her bosom which she rests against your face as she works on your teeth. I couldn’t bring myself to say in awkward German, hey honey, do you realize what you’re doing? I hope someone does because I told JM the story this morning upon my return and I also told him how she takes a really, really long time. We’ll see how long it takes for his first cavities to form…


2 thoughts on “Dentist makes impression

  1. Really, you couldn’t remonstrate, slipping in an aggrieved remark about “die Nippel”? I’ve been waiting breathlessly for the chance to do exactly that, anywhere.

  2. Most of my free moments were spent trying to swallow all the saliva and water build up that the ineffective assistant didn’t suction away. And there was something about the numbness and constant drill, drill, different drill, another drill, old drill, keep the drill coming, to the entire thing that I was just trying to keep my cold-addled brain from losing it as it jiggled around in my head. Funnily enough the word nipple never crossed my mind, only something like, must be cotton.
    I forgot to mention in all this that I am pretty damn sick and wanted to reschedule but J-M drove me anyway. I guess it’s better not to have waited another two months — she might have drilled for an extra hour.

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