Teacher’s pet becomes Schrödinger’s cat

This term, I am taking my first class with Legendarily Scary Professor™. So far, she has handed back each of my papers littered with remarks like articulate and good clarity, very thorough. Phew!

Yesterday, we had the midterm, and at the end I walked out with absolutely no notion how I did.

I now find myself in a state of indeterminacy. The prof has not graded them yet, and her faith that I am still the same solid A student is touching. I, however, am breathlessly waiting for her to open the box and report the dead cat.

4 thoughts on “Teacher’s pet becomes Schrödinger’s cat

  1. I love Philosophy of Science and studied quite a bit while doing my philosophy degree, although it wasn’t my major. But I feel jealous just knowing you get to write essays about these things! (Although getting these essays out on paper at the time always felt a bit like giving birth with your brain!) Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes! On rereading this, I can see why you’d think the class was Philosophy of Science. In truth, I was just engaging in my usual Geek Speak, trying to convey how I feel after an exam: two equally likely scenarios (I aced it! and I tanked!) are simultaneously imposed upon my reality until the exam is graded and handed back.
    Wow — is it nerdy in here, or is it just me?

  3. well, i think I’ve just proved some fundamentals of post-modernism, creating your own reality, etc etc.
    Don’t mind me, I’ll impose MY life on yours and entertain myself!

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