Garden Progress

I realized I haven’t written in quite a while about the progress on the garden. The deck is almost complete minus a board and a bench which will serve a dual purpose as more seating and a railing. Above you can see where this will go. In the middle there is a hole for a large umbrella. We’ll buy a pair of enormous, sturdy pillows for lounging there.
Here you can see the small pools with tiny fountains and a bridge running over them. There are lamps in the bottom to light up at night. The table was delivered yesterday, just in time for a sunny but cold weekend.
Lastly a view from the other side. We have to choose plants and get them in the planters and side garden soon. There will be small lights all around to make it cozy at night, and we’re deciding on what kind of cover to build over the table area — a regular roll-out shade to protect in light rain, or the beautiful, square metal frame with railing and white fabric covering.
I can’t wait to work out here next spring and summer! But by then I’ll need a 20″ G5 laptop. Get cracking, Apple!


2 thoughts on “Garden Progress

  1. your deck is bigger than our ENTIRE apartment here in de Pijp. The small pool is bigger than our entire bathroom in our old apartment. I dream of decks and outdoor spaces………. Your’s does look like it will be a beautiful space to enjoy!

  2. The garden is bigger than the apartment! I went out earlier and just wandered around appreciating that non-caged-in feeling. Thank goodness there are only two of us. If anyone ever came to visit we would have to pitch a tent, which now that I think about it might be pretty fun.

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