So lonesome I could die surf the internet

I got so lonely today because JM, after his first week at the uni, had a computer programming thingy until 5 o’clock. I started feeling blue around 4 and by the time he got home I was a bit weepy. After a long hug and some nose blowing I said, “I just miss your company.” I love him, I love spending every minute of every day with him, we were meant to be together. And if anyone else came along and said to me, “Elli, it is we who were meant to be,” I’d have to say, “Ralph, Ralph Fiennes, thank you, but no.”
This is the look I give when rejecting Ralph or when the camera doesn’t understand what I want it to do.
P.S. I showed this entry to JM and he said, “Anyone can read that?” So cute.