Oh Wise Unhip One

After spending hundreds of Francs on books for school I wouldn’t let JM buy a cool new Crumpler bag to carry them. So last night he dug out his old laptop bag (the one he discarded after buying the expensive backpack) and said, “I’m going to be such a nerd.”
“Old nerd,” I corrected.
“Hey,” he said.
“Aged nerd,” I mused.
He then made his little “shhhht” noise which means I’ve heard enough from the likes of you.


2 thoughts on “Oh Wise Unhip One

  1. He is SO hard done by! I have an old daggy Crumpler back in Australia. Too old and battered to bring to Holland, I thought, four years ago. Now I realise it was the perfect match.
    Old Crumpler = old nerd. (me, not J-M)

  2. You have found the Old Nerd Repository, welcome. My name is Elli, I too am an old nerd.
    There is a mandate in this house that the next Crumpler goes to me to lug all my camera equipment to jobs. Me, the one who carries J-M’s old backpack that got retired after buying the leather briefcase which got retired for the one he’s now forced to use. I submit as further evidence that yesterday I inherited his two-month old mini iPod because he needed an mpg player/recorder to capture lectures. I admit I will probably break down and buy him one for Christmas (like I got the mini iPod for his birthday), but he doesn’t need to know that yet. Let’s see, what color would I like?
    Oh my god, I would be the worst mother. You want a cookie? Wait ten minutes and you can have them warm and fresh from the oven!

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