You say potato, they say starchy edible tuber

This morning I was shocked to read on that Bush had won the election when no news service had declared as much. It’s now been changed to reflect the current limbo state we’re in. But then it’s not so much a state of limbo as it is a special circle of hell.
So I cried a bit, wrote Elsa a lot, watched CNN, ate cookies, watched the speeches, shouted an expletive at Dick, cried some more, called my father, listened to his wise, loving words, ended up laughing more than I had cried, and felt grateful for my friends and family.


2 thoughts on “You say potato, they say starchy edible tuber

  1. Back in Australia all left-wing bolshehevik latte-drinking, chardonnay-sipping types (as Queenslanders like to refer to us Victorians) are taught from birth to hate and detest everything American. The sophisticates amongst us soon come to realise that there are a seperate race of americans called democrats. Who can be quite nice at times. American politics always looms so large and threatening with its influence far bayong domestic borders. This election especially so, the politics of fear seem to be so prevalent now, in Amsterdam, with the shooting of Theo van Gogh yesterday, everyone is just waiting……..
    excuses for the huge rambling comments…they fuck up the side bar something awful!

  2. No worries, the sidebar needs a little mixin’ up. Earlier this year I read a linguist’s perspective of how Bush’s speeches were written in a subtle, fear-supporting language. This happens in the media as well and the hoi polloi gets fed this constant diet of “your freedom denied, news at eleven.” I lived for one year with no television or newspaper and it was heavenly, the lesson being one has to choose her sources wisely.
    Ramblers unite!

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