Too few degrees of separation

Yipes. I just had one of those internet-only creepy experiences.

I stumbled across an ex’s weblog. I was link-stepping around from blog to blog, looking for fun new territories, and read an entry in which the writer describes a sudden sense of loss and anxiety, then noticed the post was on my birthday. Then I noticed the familar name on the copyright.

My first thought: Can I resist reading the whole thing?

Ethically, that would be a disastrous temptation. If I read his blog, it would only be to satisfy a dark, unhealthy curiosity — the carwreck impulse, to invoke a threadbare metaphor — and I’m hoping that doesn’t fester within me.
My second thought: Gosh, for someone with such a dark backstory, he really is dull.

So, that temptation vanished before it fully materialized. Phew!