Theme: Bubble (Wrap)

Another shoe themed entry from me for Illustration Friday. Firstly, that’s not an original shoe, but one I constantly see on the cover of a sketch book and I love it, am obsessed by it, had to draw it. The shoe refused to be drawn any other way. Mea culpa. I did make it blue suede though. Secondly, that’s an obstacle course of bubble wrap in case that doesn’t come across clearly. I’m not in top form tonight, but hey, I’m almost done knitting for all the manikins and preparing for the photo shoot. Yes!

14 thoughts on “Theme: Bubble (Wrap)

  1. I really like this illustration. That shoe is great. And the bubble wrap….bubble wrap is addictive. I have even tried to chew it. Yikes.

  2. That’s great bubble wrap! I thought of doing a drawing with bubble wrap and then had no clue how to go about it.
    Fun illustration! I can hear the big, bellowous pops!

  3. Love the heel on that shoe! It just reeks of that “tempted” feeling. I think I missed something here about mannikins and knitting……….. are you mad or is this fun?

  4. Faith, you didn’t miss it, you even commented on the photos last month. Some would call me mad, yes. I will be hosting a manikin bonfire or hurling contest upon project completion.
    Thanks everybody for your compliments, they make my day.

  5. rowr! sex + bubble wrap = awesome. i want to turn away but i can’t. your bubble wrap draws me in and so do the different shades of blue.
    good call on the blue suede. 🙂

  6. I could tell it was bubble wrap instantly, coz’ I usually lay out mine in the kithcen when I get some… and then get so scared and suprised everytime I step on them! Woohoo-scary-fun!

  7. I LOVE this. Love the concept behind it and the graphic, minimalistic approach in style and color. The line work is just quirky enough to really grab you! You have a real gift with footwear!!!

  8. Me likes 🙂 This is a very creative idea. And what is it that makes popping bubble wrap sooooo addictive?

  9. A very different, creative and unusual take on the topic. I really like this a lot, espcially the sole tilt (which is of course an anagram of stilleto)

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