During finals, I often find it hard to rev down my mental engine at bedtime. To help me wind down from the all-day Paper-A-Thon yesterday, I popped in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs before snuggling down in bed.

I grew drowsy even as I watched the first scene, in which we meet the fantastically cool cruel Stepmother, whose coldheartedness strikes us dumb with horror and whose garments make us quiver with envy. Oh, just me, eh? We learn that she plans to have Snow White’s heart cut out, simply because she cannot bear the beauty and light-heartedness that the girl embodies.

A few scenes later, Snow White, having fled her desperate fate and raced through the forest, greets the adorable woodland creatures that come to meet her. As her saccharine speech segued into treacly trilling up and up and up the scales, I surprised myself by muttering into my pillow I’d cut out her heart, too.

2 thoughts on “Wicked

  1. I’d cut out her heart and whip up some pate with some of those “adorable woodland creatures” thrown in for flavour. Whats left over could then be used to make a stock which then could be used in a risotto of woodland mushrooms. But thats just me.

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