Here’s Elli

Spending my day-after-Christmas in quiet reflection (tipsy from champagne), thinking about the fact that I was at the University of Texas at the same time as Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson and Rene Zellweger, getting my degree in acting. (Who knows if our paths ever crossed because I had no future-star-power detection device.) However, after sitting in the “star chamber” (end of semester evaluations with the acting, voice and movement teachers all crammed into a tiny office) and being told I was a cross between Goldie Hawn and Elvira, but not as grounded, and never being cast in a main stage production in my department, one can understand why I gave up performing and returned to the arts visual.
I’ve seen only two people from my class in major motion films: one was in a photograph as the dead wife in x and another a nurse with a few lines in something else. (Oh, and another good friend once dated Robert Rodriguez who was in the film department with one of my best friends, in whose student films I always enlisted.)
It is I who upon graduation decided not to move out to Hollywood into a trailer with two good friends and a huge dog, and instead moved back to Houston to learn graphic design. It is I who after thirteen years finally feel like I’m learning something. And it is I who have only anise flavored cookies left over on the day after Christmas. Ick.
P.S. I just googled some other classmates and see one is married to a former soap opera actress.
P.P.S. The full moon on Christmas Eve.


2 thoughts on “Here’s Elli

  1. Hey we saw that moon here, also on Christmas night and Boxing Day evening, or 2nd Christmas Day as these romantic Dutch call it! Last night it was enormous and yellow and huge and hanging very low in a nice pink sky. Beats the view from a trailer in Hollywood with two ageing friends and a probably-dead dog?

  2. Hell yes. By the way, one of those friends I dubbed “Bad Idea Girl” because of the small trailer, three people and large dog combination specifically, and also the strip club summer work program she proposed. The large dog, if not dead, may be living with BIG’s mother, however certainly on its last legs.

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