Theme: Magic

Here is this week’s entry for Illustration Friday. I’ve been sitting here watching someone going through all my comments (while watching server activity with my husband, yes we’re geeks) which makes me think YOU MUST BE A SPAMMER and I’ve got your number.


9 thoughts on “Theme: Magic

  1. “while watching server activity with my husband”…..hmmm even we don’t do that! So big plans for New Years Eve? something to do with routers maybe? Or just gazing into the ethernet? I love the illustration, that assistant is so in-charge.

  2. Ha ha, “gazing into the ethernet” — sounds romantic somehow. Our big plans include working late into the night but with champagne starting around eleven. I’m working as fast as I can until then because the quality of my work could deteriorate pretty fast after that. And I think our stint with watching server activity has already grown old and the tv is out, tuned to some really horrible movie dubbed in German. I hope you all have much better plans!
    Oh no, plans have now changed! Since it’s New Year’s Eve, we have to watch “Dinner for One” as it’s replayed continuously throughout the day. It’s a Swiss/German obsession. “Same procedure as every year, James.”

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