Theme: Balance

I am developing a theme within a theme with a theme around a theme. It’s theme against me. Shoes, again. One would reasonably think I own a mountain of shoes, but it’s not so. I quit the shoe of the month club after high school and buy a pair perhaps once a year, but then only to replace ones I’ve worn out or donated (decided they were ugly).
Oh, and then there were the best shoes on the face of the planet. Gone, long gone, abandoned when I left the self-improvement cult meditation center. Such pretty black and white shoes, with a chunky heel and vintage style, how I miss thee. I hope some new-age monk is getting lots of compliments from you even though they would go straight to her ego.


9 thoughts on “Theme: Balance

  1. ups, i meant to include i liked your translation of the theme but talking about shoes gets me distracted…

  2. that’s a great original take on Balance. I remember playing “dress up” and developing pretty good balance in my mom’s heals!

  3. I was just browsing your archives and … I have the cling shoes. Platforms and all. And, hey, you’re in Switzerland? I’m Swiss in NYC! My name’s not American, though. It’s not even Swiss, ’cause I’m not really. I for one you can keep up the shoe theme for a while.

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