Theme: The Seasons

I have reached a point with this illustration where I have to stop. Nothing good is coming from the fiddling, I’ve eaten about a thousand D’aims and I’ve cursed the makers of Adobe Illustrator because of my inability to click on a line and select the actual point or anchor of my choosing no matter what magnification I’m in.
So here they are, the temporal seasons of existence including my usual theme of footwear. Once I was working on fall I realized, hey there, I’m not really in summer any more. Whoa. And then heard myself thinking and added, you certainly don’t sound like you’re fully into fall either, dude. And then I had another piece of chocolate, that solid, dark substance that envelops all seasons.


7 thoughts on “Theme: The Seasons

  1. Regardless of the woes of using A.I. (I hear you on that one!), this illo makes its’ point. And of course you can’t go wrong when it comes to shoes…..all women love shoes!!!!

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