Theme: Friendship

I changed my mind and drew the above because, well many reasons:
1. I saw it in my mind on Monday and haven’t been able to let it go.
2. The combination of being sick and not doing an illustration made me feel so “left out” that the big baby in me pouted until I resolved to draw.
3. I really love drawing shoes — what is that?
4. It was 4:30 on a Friday, what else am I going to do?
5. It makes me feel better even if I’m not completely satisfied with my work.
So this isn’t really so much about friendship as it is lust. I suppose you could look at it as two friends sharing their love for pink boots.
AND I’M SO HAPPY that after 15 years I finally get to see Elsa again!!!!!! I cried when I realized that it will really happen and kept thinking of clever ways to say, hey I’ve planned this trip and I’M COMING TO SEE YOU, but I’m not at all clever and had to spill the beans in an e-mail instead of a phone call. But who cares, Elli and Elsa, together again!!! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Theme: Friendship

  1. Great job…I love the pinks and browns. And congrats on doing something instead of nothing except being sick. Wha-haaaa…
    Do you sketch an image, then color via your software? It is all a mystery to me, since I put it all on paper.
    I love shoes, and not the best at drawing them. But, my new faves… all by John Fluevog.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mindy Wilson

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