Theme: Sorrow

Um, I was sad when I started drawing this. Find your sorrow where you will, at least there is a silver lining to this one.
I’ve been feeling down and know better than to sit and stew in these thoughts. I wrote recently that I bought a book on handwriting analysis and through my brief study reaffirmed that I make mountains out of molehills. Therefore I’m vowing to stay away from macro photography, stop measuring the liquid in my glass (not half full, not half empty, simply mmm tasty beverage) and look at the whole tree-filled forest.
Earlier I was standing in the kitchen when I noticed huge, beautiful flakes of snow coming down. Remembering how a walk in the snow really picks me up, I made excuses of buying more milk for JM and headed out the door. It stopped snowing instantly. I walked into town anyway and wandered around the grocery store before buying some Nestle chocolates in addition to my other items, then walked home past the teenagers holding their weekly Young-Asses-of-Switzerland meeting on the heavily trafficked staircase*. By the time I got to my doorstep I realized I had forgotten the milk. Then it started snowing again. Welcome to Mount St. Elli’s.
* Kids get out of school early on Wednesdays and love to loiter precisely where they’ll be thought of most illy.

7 thoughts on “Theme: Sorrow

  1. Reminds me of a child’s perspective (hiding underneath a table) at a wake.
    Beautiful rendering and simplistic line (as usual!).

  2. Hi everyone, thanks for your sweet comments. I think this week’s theme really bummed me, but your words soothe it all out. Cheers to you all.

  3. The illustrations is soooo spot on with that heart-numbingly sharp sort of sorrow that is very narrow but goes to the core. Maybe its the time of year? Don’t want to trivialise it but I suffer from it terribly in February, (or August in Australia). It makes spring ALL the more poignant and fantastic! I used to always think of the Drescher drawing “”Melancholy”. Add a vomiting baby and I think I know where you are……………

  4. This is so touching. I love your silver lining. The topic really bummed me too, but you did such a wonderful job of expressing it.

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