Please help me choose

I’m trying to decide on a new pair of glasses and I need help. I like both pairs pictured above.* The bottom pair are similar to the kind I always wear and the top pair I wouldn’t have given a second glance if the salesman hadn’t put them on my face. I am unusually drawn to them but a little voice is telling me I’ll regret it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of their life.
And now you see why:
Still, my mother-in-law votes for the first pair. What do you think? Please leave a comment which you think suits me better. Getting both is out of the budget, hence out of the question.
*Reason number 18 why I love Switzerland: the store let me take both pairs home for a week so I can decide. Wow.
And now that it’s night and I’ve had a glass of champagne, here are two more pics to choose from:
The poll so far (from comments and e-mails):
Top (light colored) 5
Bottom (dark) 3
Thank you all for your votes (and compliments.) Last time I wore contacts was the 80s and my eyes rebelled with all sorts of powerful mucus which lead to them being sent off for a week to be cleaned (the contacts, not my eyes.) And due to a double astigmatism I had to buy some of the most expensive lenses there were. I’ve heard tale of disposables, but I’m not over my first failed experiment.
I chose the shape of these frames because they have a subtle angle along the outer edge, enhancing my heart-shaped face. I guess I cheated by not showing the whole face but there you go. I don’t pull off rounded and curvy so well (especially under my chin but that has more to do with chocolate than anything.)

5 thoughts on “Please help me choose

  1. I think the lighter glasses, not the ones you normally wear. I think the reason these look good is they highlight your eyes with the light color, rather than framing them with the dark all the way around. That pair makes your eyes the center stage and not the glasses.
    So, go for the new, the different, the one that enhances your eyes.

  2. Neither… no offense! You have such gorgeous eyes… have you considered contacts(?).
    I think the shape of these frames are too masculine for your face. Have you thot about something a little more cat-like?
    Still, if these are the only choices I would opt for the darker ones. I think they bring out your eyes much more due to the contrast.
    LOVE your work BTW. I come here often to see more of it.

  3. I like the top they are funky and different.. but the bottom are nice too… I guess i would choose the bottom.. err.. why not get both.. no, correction.. thats what I would do.. Buy both.

  4. definitely the bottom ones…the colour is much better for your skin tone. the yellowy hue of the top ones doesn’t do anything for your fair skin. great illo, add a few more squiggles and it’d be my brain!

  5. I really like the two tone ones until I see them on you. And I don’t mean that in the horrible way it sounds! The darker ones do a lot more for your skin tone and bring out your eyes more so if I were you I’d go for them. After all, if your mother-in-law votes for the first pair……….. (she IS on a mission to sabotage your marriage right?) And I know where you are about the chin. Thats possibly the only downside about spring, no more chunky scarves to hide the chin.

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