Garden Again

I only came indoors to post these two pictures. First the view from my hanging chair:
And next, our pretty deck cover so we can sit out in rainy weather:
As you can see in the last picture, we’re filling the little ponds, the birds are chirping and it is a gorgeous day. Ahhhhhh.


5 thoughts on “Garden Again

  1. is that the Sydney Opera House? fabulous! what an idyllic setting… looking forward to seeing your Eden when the trees are green again…

  2. Elsa said the same thing last night. Perhaps later I’ll go smash a bottle of champagne on the deck and serenade my neighbors to christen it.

  3. wow, what a fabulous spot to sit and relax. and that shade, how awesome. very sydney-opera-house-esque. enjoy the springtime from yr swing spot!

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