Heal, not heel, dadgummit

My mom just called to tell me that my dog is sick. She said that Emma Lu* had peed and threw up a bit and seemed dizzy, so she let her out into the backyard for a while and when Emma came back in it was worse. So she took her to the vet who said Emma could have had a stroke. First my mother and now my dog! Or else it could be an inner ear thing, but that she was perfectly capable of spotting the door and heading right for it so the vet couldn’t say for sure. She’s a doped up dog for the time being. After I hung up the phone I went on a trip to the land of stuffed bear clutching, eyes puffy and crying, and teeth gnashing.
I remember when I moved to Seattle in the 90s I was staying at my uncle Tom’s house until I found an apartment. One morning I woke up crying, rocking back and forth while saying, “I want my little dog. I want my little dog.” I don’t do well when parting from pets. Every year when I go home we have a dancing reunion and are both beside ourselves with joy.
Get well, Lulubelle. And don’t let Fanny Lola* steal your treats.
*I was O.D.ing on Jane Austen when I chose their names. And for some reason they each had to have more than one. Emma Lu was named for my grandfather Emmet Lee who had just died and Fanny got stuck with a combination of Fanny Lola Mae Doodle, which was shortened to Fanny Lo long before JLo was around. Here’s a photo of my grandfather for comparison. They are only alike in their stoicism.

2 thoughts on “Heal, not heel, dadgummit

  1. I hope Emma Lu gets better. I know how it feels. I deserted my dog of 9 years for Europe. (Not implying you ‘deserted’ Emma Lu, but that I did). Dougie, a female named after a Collingwood football player (long story), is now living happily with a friend of my mom’s but is starting to show signs of her age. She’s just turnd 15 and starting to get a bit tottery. I hate to think about the inevitable. I missed her a lot until I had Jacob and can now teach him tricks with which he can humiliate himself in public instead. I still feel gut-wrenchingly guilty everytime I think of her. I thought I was only leaving her behind for a few months! Sterkte!

  2. Thanks, Faith. I abandoned Emma Lu, first for Seattle, then North Carolina and finally Switzerland. I don’t know that I can ever have a pet again since we travel so much. I miss her to pieces. She’ll be fourteen this year (whoa) but seems to still be kickin’ after this latest spell. My mom takes good care of her.

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