This entry brought to you by the letter O and by the iced Americano

I’m on vacation.

Picture me doing a klutzy stomping dance in my platform sandals, wiggling my hands in the air, and intermittently slurping down cool cool beverages with elaborate garnishes*, and you’re not far off.

Several things that have brightened my vacation so far:
1. party ice. Thanks to the recent guests who brought a 5 lb. bag of ice — not just ice, party ice! — I am one cool kitten despite record high temperatures.

Is it just me, or is the party ice polar bear looking morose?

2. The iced Americano. Instead of planning ahead (Planning ahead? Engaging my brain? Feh! I’m on vacation, people.) and making coffee to chill overnight, I make one stern shot of scalding coffee slurry in the morning and pour it over lots of ice.
Not just ice — party ice! [See #1.]

3. Dear Catastrophe Waitress, a recent arrival from the isogloss. Thanks ever so!

4. limoncello, in a tall glass with a big lemon wedge and a whole lot of seltzer.

And possibly some ice. [See #1.] Ooooh, cooooling.

Sister C. gave me a bottle of homemade limoncello for Christmas, and I have not shared it, not at all, because I am a horrid greedy girl, but very grateful. Please give me your recipe, C.

5. Twelfth Night. I reread this for the first time in 20 years, and am amazed at how beautifully the language leaps off the page, how charming and lively it is, and how the vivacity of the action melds with complexity of theme. Kudos to the friend who mentioned, to my raised eyebrow and general skepticism, that it is his favorite of Shakespeare’s plays.

* The drinks have elaborate garnishes, not me** or the slurping.
** Come to think of it, I’m sporting some elaborate sartorial garnishes myself lately.

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