Turn around, bright eyes

Let’s see, I haven’t written anything about vacation and I’ve barely looked through my photos. I vow to create a gallery, it’s just slow going. When we got home almost two weeks ago, we were greeted at the Swiss airport by my in-laws and the European Heat Wave ’05. That’s over now as witnessed by my taking a hot bath yesterday at 3, then getting into bed to warm up due to several 50 degree days of rain. In fact the rain followed me back from the US. Well, it followed me to the US, then Canada, and now it’s found me again and making up for lost time.
I’m slowly remembering how to speak German. When we first got to the US, I had to keep reminding myself I could speak English with total strangers (they probably preferred and only understood it) and adjusted within the week. Now when I want to say something in German, the words are slow coming or not coming at all — I had the urge to kick my 80-something-year-old neighbor for making fun of me last Sunday. Heat makes me grouchy, but for this I have no excuse.

3 thoughts on “Turn around, bright eyes

  1. The European heatwave of ’05 is looking like it may actually have been the entire-summer of ’05. I nearly turned the central heating on last night!

  2. I know! I’ve been lamenting that we have floor heating and are not using it right now.

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