A modest proposal A simple plan

Just 36 hours ago, Elli was enthusiastically recommending Billy Bob Thornton films to me, and I was balking not at the quality of his acting but at the small horror of confronting his slack, bristly visage.

“Elli, you know how your mom feels about John Cassavetes?”


Right. I just can’t stand the sight of him; I can’t quite put my finger on the reason.”

And behold: the reason. He manages to take a swipe at the beautiful, the average, the famous ex-wife, and the anonymous groupies, all at once. Good shootin’, Billy Bob.

Particularly delightful is the link reading click here for all you need to know about Billy Bob Thornton, as if his advice does not conjure up more than we ever wished to know. [Via fussy. ]

3 thoughts on “A modest proposal A simple plan

  1. I will always love “Bandits”. And after seeing “The Man Who Wasn’t There” he sometimes reminds me of my grandfather — only when he keeps his mouth shut though.

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