Me in my dorm room 18 years ago when I was turning 18. A few seconds after this was taken, the sun hit my shirt and I melted into a pool of my own angst.
Okay, I wasn’t that gloomy, just a drama major.
Note the purple plastic dinosaur attacking a teddy bear. Those were the days I would stand on my bed and sing songs from Paul Simon’s Graceland to all who stopped to listen.

4 thoughts on “18

  1. I had dinousaurs attacking a garfield doll! And a similiar hair arrangement…… also the angst and the aversion to sunlight…..oh dear!

  2. I believe it was pandemic at the time — did you like The Cure? The dinos, I don’t know… I also had a toothbrush holder where the dino’s tail encircled the cup.

  3. Mine were tiny glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs guarding the threshold against creatures of the night. They were defenders, not attackers.

  4. You had more “enlightend” dinos. My dino was angry and wore a spiked wristband with silver skulls and bones around her neck. I wore it once to defend myself at a Fishbone concert.

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