IlliFri: Empty

Ugh, please let next week be something I can interpret light-heartedly.


9 thoughts on “IlliFri: Empty

  1. I like the textures of the sea and sand as a background for the figure and the blues/greys broken by the dark red of the shirt. The posture says a lot…I would also like a light hearted topic for next week!

  2. one more day and hopefully it will be the nice topic that will make you smile. actually, it is a nice illustration you have made. i like how you have drawn the young man(?).

  3. It is a boy. I suppose I could have drawn the same thing in a “lighter” way, but that’s not where I’m at this week. If the topic had been “kittens in mittens” I could have made it dark and sullen. Ha ha. Kittens in mittens.

  4. ohh but its still a nice illo…
    i just posted mine late too maybe a nicer topic in a while.. (eh its basically friday morning my side of the world) lol 8)

  5. Lovely, as always. Am greatly looking forward to next week’s illustration of abandoned feral kittens snuggled sadly in mittens wrested from cold orphans. Cheer up, woman!
    Or not. Mwah, with the kissing and the love.

  6. Darn it, every now and then a non-shoe-focussed illustration worms its way in. The shoes, they make me happy — next week should be a shoe week.

  7. Maybe it’s Ted or Teddy as you used to call him. I think it’s a lovely portrait. Where is the beach?

  8. Hi Mamala, it’s a beach in Rhode Island — I snapped photos as we drove along. You sure stayed up late leaving me comments!

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