Disaster. Relief.

The scale of destruction on the Gulf Coast defies the imagination. Anything I could write about the disasters, natural and social, would be hollow and bombastic, utterly meaningless.

But everywhere there are efforts to locate, comfort, and shelter survivors, and everywhere we are urged to spread the word.

MSNBC has posted two web pages, one for those seeking survivors and one for survivors to register. For those without web access (which presumably is most people who need the service), Air America offers a toll-free public voicemail at 1-888-217-6255. Call in, enter your everyday phone number, and record a short message. Friends and family can call in, enter your phone number, and hear your message. On a smaller scale, a MeFi member has set up a database for reconnecting displaced persons with their families.

MoveOn.org is posting available housing for those in need. (MeFi members, too, have openly offered their guestrooms, sleep-sofas, and floors.)

At LiveJournal, Academics Anon is hosting a listing of universities and colleges offering metriculation to displaced students from the Gulf Coast.