The Visitation

spiritofemma.jpg I’m the kind of person who will stare at textured surfaces for long periods in order to find as many images I can. However sometimes life is a little more obvious, such as with water rings and slices of toast. A few days ago I spilled some water on my Wacom tablet and was surprised with a visit from my dog who lives with my mom.
In case you don’t see the dog, or how I could see a dog, take a look below at the etching I did of her. It was supposed to be a new technique our teacher was pushing, at which I failed miserably. Still, I see my dog every time I look at it. I could probably see her in a bowl of soup though if I looked long enough.

1 thought on “The Visitation

  1. I can sooo see the image of your dog and I love the sentiment surrounding your post. I was led to your blog purely by chance and by chance I got uplifted… 🙂

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