An obvious metaphor

Another pillow burst, this time as I was making the bed, littering the bedclothes, books, and baskets of (formerly) clean laundry with bits of fluff and feather. I am forced to admit: despair is painful, but has an appealing tidiness. Hope is a glorious mess.

(Just how old are these pillows, anyway?)

1 thought on “An obvious metaphor

  1. 1)Yah, despair is so linear. It only goes one way, and you can pretty much count on it being the way it is. Hope is so all over the place. One doesn’t know what to expect. It’s all very exhausting.
    2)Would you like some of our extra pillows?
    3) Since your first mention of hope, feathers, and so on I have been desperately searching for the lines of one of my favorite small poems. Can’t find the blasted thing anywhere. Maybe one of your pals can help. It does seem kind of Emily Dickinson-ish…
    Self reliant as a bird
    Upon the highest bough,
    Something something something
    She still serenely sings
    Knowing that she has wings.
    Hm, the sentiment probably would be more meaningful if I actually knew ANY of the words.

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