IlliFri: Lost

Several years ago I lived in the countryside of North Carolina. When out walking on moonless nights the sky was so black I couldn’t see anything, even my hand in front of my face. I would wait for my eyes to adjust and be able to make out something, but the light had been sucked from everything. Sometimes I would get scared in this complete blackness and now, living in town, I miss having that chance to get lost.
I usually incorporate shoes into my weekly drawings so I feel at a loss (ugh) when I do something different. In old entries I often say how dissatisfied I am with my drawings. The only thing I am happy about are my photos. I really get “lost” when taking them. Perhaps if I could do the same with my drawings I would feel better about them, but then again maybe not. Here’s to next week and another chance.


6 thoughts on “IlliFri: Lost

  1. This is very beautiful…it reminds me of what night looked like here before they razed the town golf course to put in a shopping mall. In the name of progress we say goodbye to the Milky Way and hello to halide haze. I enjoyed looking at this and remembering stepping outside on a winter night and seeing nothing but black night and stars. Lovely:>

  2. I love the story and the image, though simple, is beautiful…I think when you try new things, you might not feel so confident in the beginning. But soon you’ll find that change is not necessarily a bad thing. Bon courage!

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