IlliFri: Night

Why it’s the supposed “ankle boot constellation” as it was discovered for the first time by little-known astronomer Boots Jackwood. Okay, that’s my stripper name and no I didn’t really discover a constellation, but it would have been so cool if I had actually understood anything, and I mean anything, in my college astronomy class. Why oh why did I take astronomy?

5 thoughts on “IlliFri: Night

  1. Now THATS really cool! Love the way it all comes together in your illustrations. (PS. I too have a hidden-astronomy-past, and somewhere-in-a-closet-in-melbourne a telescope……….)

  2. You took astronomy cause it sounded cool. It doesn’t matter now..all you have to do it fake it when you tell people you took it. Just point to the night sky and mumble something about ursula major, the big dipper and the milkyway, point to a really bright star and call it Venus and they’ll all be impressed.
    Cool illo! Love the idea..tis funny.
    And just cause you wanted to know, my stripper name is “Peppy Ridge”.

  3. This kind of astronomy you can’t fake — it’s ALL MATH. Nary a constellation was mentioned. I survived thanks to help from a guy in my dorm who confessed he had a crush on me and a few months later told me he was gay. Ah, college.

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