Somebunny loves me

My sweetie surprised me with this beautiful gift today. Say it with succulents! I’m not sure what the budding plant is, but it stays green all year and blooms throughout the holiday season. Which reminds me, I need to find a Christmas cactus if they have them here.

5 thoughts on “Somebunny loves me

  1. Elsa’s sister here. I think they are kalanchoe, which is another succulent. So pretty! Just the thing for November.

  2. Under the progress report headed “Meet the group” with the picture of the Manikins I wondered if you would give me permission to use the Manikin picture, I write spec advertising for fun and that picture would be great for me.
    (sorry about writing it on this comment page but that pic is on last years blog and you can’t seem to write comments on old ones!)
    My blog is
    Thanks very much and I‘ll wait to hear form you.

  3. Hi Elsa’s sister, I remember you! Thanks for the name. I completely forgot they were all around me growing up. But I remember you! Happy Thanksgiving! With much exclaiming!

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