Remains of the Brain

The head. The neck. The head. The neck. The heeeeeaaaaaad. Pain meds and muscle relaxants are not helping. So far I’ve been to physical therapy and a chiropractor. Ow. The chiropractor told me I may have a headache after his treatment. Do I have one now because he told me I would, or because I would’ve had one anyway? Chicken, egg.
I also went to the Apple road show for their new product Aperture. Ooh, I love, I need. Maybe I don’t need, but I could use. I especially love the loop function to see detail in a photo without opening it. I don’t need the expense right now though, so it will remain a dream. After the seminar JM and I took a crowded bus back to the train station and for a brief moment I was velcroed to the stranger next to me. I laughed as we ripped apart and he apologized for the sticky cuff. Ah, the hazards of winter-wear.
I came home from German last night the happiest I have ever been. I love this class. This entry is to remind me of that feeling next month when class has started again and I’m ready to pull out all my hair because, well, because of whatever I come up with. I love my new class and I can actually see the potential to progress. For now.

2 thoughts on “Remains of the Brain

  1. hey! I went to the Aperture seminar in Amsterdam. Dribbled my way through that quite happily and left with all sorts of brilliant plans WAY above my station. Still, one can dream!

  2. Did Kevin the Scotsman do yours? Ours was presented in English with German and French translation. I love the loop feature, I need the loop! Unfortunately my computer won’t even run Aperture, thus dreaming continues.

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