You know you’re in Switzerland when…

JM and I were sitting in quite a traffic jam earlier today. The line of cars was moving so slowly that the man in front of us decided to make use of his time by cleaning the interior of his car. He took a blue cloth and wiped the windshield for a few minutes including the passenger side, reaching over his wife in order to get it all. I mentioned it might have been better if she had done that while he was slowly rolling up to the car in front of him. JM agreed as we watched him open the window in the freezing cold to shake out his cloth.
Next the man wiped down the dashboard for a few minutes, going over the top surface, the dials, and the steering wheel, again shaking the cloth outside his window. He then proceeded to wipe the entire dash again. We watched his routine for while as he redid all the surfaces within reach. Again he shook the blue cloth outside his window. Both JM and I assumed the show was over once the blue cloth was put away, but suddenly the man pulled out a fluffy duster and began going over the dashboard yet again. JM and I burst into laughter and thought perhaps we were being filmed on a hidden camera, it was so unreal. Fortunately the dusting ended as traffic began to flow and we went merrily on our way.


3 thoughts on “You know you’re in Switzerland when…

  1. That could have been me, except I have a white dust free cloth to use on the dashboard. But before I use the cloth, I go over the crevices in the dash with a bristle brush. Fastidiously.

  2. Now if the woman had jumped out and started windexing the windows from the outside I’d have said you were in the netherlands. But I can be nasty that way……

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