After piles of paperwork and hundreds of Francs in fees, I am officially Swiss. It’s been quite an exercise in hoop jumping, but I didn’t expect less. Now if I could only recognize the national anthem. I wonder if I’ll end up following Faith’s example and move back to Australia. Oh, wait, I’m from the US.

9 thoughts on “Swiss

  1. congratulations! was the whole process long and tedious? did they interview your neighbours and go through your rubbish? (i’ve heard rumours that tehy do…)
    now, settle back and enjoy the swissness.

  2. Congratulations! And as far as I’m concerned, you’re welcome in Australia any time! Do you have that strange twilight-citizenship-feeling? Not quite really Swiss, wouldn’t call yourself Swiss, but strangely-when-you-least-expected-it, it’s more than just a piece of paper?

  3. Faith, that’s a great way of putting it — I don’t have the words for it yet. I’m sure it’ll start sinking in soon…

  4. Sinking being the operative word….. Since you’re Swiss and I’m Dutch we probably have a lot more in common, like urges to clean things. Actually I’m still waiting for those.

  5. The cleaning bug hit me a few months after arriving in the country, but I rebel when I can. And my organizational skills have increased tenfold.

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